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Friday, December 9, 2011

Slowing down...

It has been a busy last couple of months! Trick or treating, the ranch, Thanksgiving, moving!  We are ready for a break, school is done until after Christmas and my college classes I teach will be over this weekend too - we are slowing down... 

Most of you know that we are settled in at Bosque Farms now.  Health Quest is opening a new office here and Ryan will be the main doctor, so now we live about 2 blocks from it!  But moving wasn't fun.  We really didn't realize how much stuff 6 people could have - and we clean out often! But after, three long days of moving and another 5 of unpacking - we are comfortably in our new temporary home.  We are hoping to find a home to purchase in the next year - Lord willing of course!  I was a little concerned about how Aaron would do with the move, but he has been great.  He seems happy as long as we are all together!

The kids are all doing great and settling in well after the move.  After we got some what settled in last week, we got our Chirstmas decorations out.  Aaron absolutely loved it! He had so much fun hanging Christmas ornaments - when we ran out he was ready for more!  His 4th birthday is in just a couple of weeks - we are thinking an Elmo party!

Anyway, here are some pictures of the last couple of months :)

Aaron with Averi in Halloween costume #1...

Hunter Nathan, Averi (costume #2), Elmo Aaron, and Dallas Cowboy Connor!

Aaron getting his first hair cut in America! And I must say by the best hair lady in America, too!
The boys at the swim meet to watch Averi and Nathan

Averi and Nathan with their ribbons!

All of us at the ranch, I didn't realize how long Averi and Nathan's legs look!

Aaron at the barn getting ready to ride horses :)

We had some snow last week and they had a blast in it!

God is so good - Merry Christmas.

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  1. Your whole family looks so happy! Aaron has the most engaging smile!