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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Going Away Party...

Yesterday (Saturday) was a busy day for all of us.  In the morning we had a meeting with Holt, our agency, and we were able to meet all of the other families that are here with us to get their kiddos.  All of the families will be going to different provinces to get their children and then we will all meet up together at the end of the week in Guangzhou (sp?).  So, when we all get back together everyone will have their new children!  
We also took Aaron to the doctor today to have his lungs checked out before we leave.  He was doing much better yesterday and last night - so thank you for your prayers!
We have been into down town Beijing a couple times in the last few days, and all I can say about the traffic is organized chaos!  There are about 20 million people that live in Beijing and I think we have seen most of them either on their bikes or in their cars!  The foster family, the Narduzzi's, have an amazing driver that drives them everywhere they go.  He is better than any racecar driver in the US - I actually asked him to come home with us :))  But even with ALL of these people on bikes and in cars, the cars getting inches away from each other, and traffic "suggestions", we not once saw an accident - total organized chaos, amazing.
Last night, the Narduzzi's had a going away party for Aaron.  They had prepared a beautiful slide show with music of his time with them. It was so awesome to see some of the people that have loved and cared for Aaron, raised money for his surgeries, and prepared him for this time - such wonderful, selfless, caring people.  It was a very emotional night as people left and said thier goodbye's - he is a very loved little boy.
Today, we will be leaving and heading out to Aaron's province where we will sign the official adoption papers this evening! It is very exciting, but also very difficult to leave this wonderful family.  We came here to China barely knowing Deanne, Mario, Nico, and Talia, and we are leaving as family. We are so thankful to God for orchestrating this whole situation - nothing has happened here by mere chance.  Most of you know of our fostering and having to say goodbye to the girls last year, and we know how hard tomorrow will be on this amazing family.  So, we would really appreciate your prayers for the Narduzzi family and Aaron as we leave here, their hearts are going to be hurting as they say "see you soon".  We have already made plans to meet in California next summer

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